Law and Governance Programme

This programme seek to balance the demand and supply sides of governance by promoting reforms that will promote constitutionalism and the rule of law, transparency and accountability, and adherence to democratic principles in all spheres of governance. 

Trade and Investment Programme

    This programme seeks to promote a policy and political environment that will promote fair trade and investment opportunities for small and medium enterprises as the key that will unlock growth barriers and structural transformation of the people and economies.

Human Rights and Environment Programme

This programme focuses on addressing a range of public policy issues that relate to recognition and observance of human rights at all levels of society. The programme will pay specific attention to good ecological stewardship, environmental accountability and social justice in the governance of natural resources and the environment. 


CLSP 1 Dec 2013 - June 2015 is a two year initiative aimed at empowering and supporting the local people in the Albertine region to demand and enforce their land rights. The project was initiated at the backdrop of growing cases of disenfranchisement of land rights of the poor by the elite in areas with oil and gas potential. The project is empowering the local people through sensitization and supporting vulnerable members through legal advisory and legal support. 


This is a project supported by the American Jewish World-Wide Service that seeks to strengthen structures for communal ownership of land in the Bunyoro region. The project seeks to empower community groups to be conscious and take steps for identifying and safeguarding communal resources such as grazing grounds, watering points, community forests among others. The project is being implemented in the districts of Hoima and Buliisa. 

CLSP 2 July 2015 - June 2016 is an extension of the Community Land Security project (CLSP) - a project that is supported by the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) under the voice and accountability programme. the project seeks to build on the sucesses of CLSP 1 by supporting state institutions relating to land rights delivery to build the necessary capacities for effective and efficient delivery of services to the local communities. CRED supports area land committees, District land boards and courts of law to serve the population effectively and efficiently.


CLSP 3 July 2016 - December 2017-  seeks to address land insecurities in natural resources management in the Albertine region. as government and private sector entities harness oil and mineral resources, challenges abound for local communities in areas of extractives potential. These include displacement from ancestral lands, loss of livelihoods and abuse of human rights. through this project, CRED will promote tenure security though evidence-based approaches that identify rights holders and their entitlements and duty bearers and their obligations. CRED aims to work towards enhancing the capacity of right holders to make their demands and duty bearers to meet their obligations.


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American Jewish World Service